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SORRY, SOLD! 1962 Two-Tone Alpina SK24 Typewriter
  • SORRY, SOLD! 1962 Two-Tone Alpina SK24 Typewriter


    What wonderful mid-century design! We are pleased to offer this incredible Alpina typewriter in superb condition. This is an exceptionally fine Alpina SK24 from 1962, considered by many to be a masterpiece of design, both mechanical and aesthetic. It also has an interesting key for M3 and M2 (meaning "square meters" and "cubic meters"). This typewriter has been fully restored and conserved to our highest standards. This is the original colour and finish; it has not been repainted. This typewriter is truly a "statement" on the desk of any serious screenwriter, journalist, novelist or even the occasional letter-writer.

    This model of the Alpina has a truly lovely carriage return lever made of a heavy duty plastic material. It is light and solid and is a marvel of design. The colours—all original— are wonderfully complementary to each other: gray body, off-white ribbon cover and cream keys and carriage return lever. Just super!

    In superior cosmetic condition and working perfectly. The original colour is uniform everywhere on the typewriter and the finish is unblemished except for a very few spots on the rear panel of the typewriter. The keytops are unscratched and the platen is clean, smooth and has an ideal hardness measurement of ~90 (between 85 and 95 is considered ideal). The paper feed rollers and the rubber feet are in excellent condition.

    The typeface is Pica, 10 cpi. The keyboard is QWERTY with additional keys for European languages.  This model, the SK model, has a tabulator system. This was/is a deLuxe machine.

    This typewriter comes with its original case which is in nearly perfect condition. A new navy-blue felt cloth has been added to the interior to cover the interior top which originally had a strange foam covering which had deteriorated.

    Mechanically it is in perfect working condition. It does not seem to have been much used and to have been carefully maintained as well. It has been fully cleaned, adjusted, aligned and lubricated for years of future use.

    Acme typewriters have been the choice of discerning collectors and writers more than 1,000 times since we began selling online in 2016. We safely ship your typewriter from our store in the Netherlands and delivery time to the US averages only 3 days—this is a quicker delivery time even than most shipments from-and-to a US address! In the last 7 years, our typewriters arrived damage-free 99.4% of the time. So please don’t be concerned about buying from us just because we seem far away. Acme typewriters are covered by a 1-year warranty, and come with lifetime customer-care. 

    With an ACME Typewriter, you know you are getting a fully-working--as original--typewriter. The only thing that you have to do is sit down, put paper on the roller and start typing. Your typewriter comes with the "Acme" lead certification seal which permanently identifies it as a genuine Acme-restored typewriter and provides for a one-year warranty at no charge. In terms of an investment, the Acme Seal proves that this machine was restored in 2023 by the Acme Type Machine Company. This can add value in the event that you wish to sell this typewriter in the future. 

    For some discussion of ALPINA typewriters see:

    This fine example of an ALPINA SK24 will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty.  We have a lot of experience in shipping typewriters and have an excellent track record for proper packing and safe delivery. You can see our reviews to encourage your confidence in what we deliver and how we deliver it.

    If you have any questions or wish to see more photos, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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