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SORRY, SOLD! 1938 Hispano-Olivetti Studio 46 Typewriter
  • SORRY, SOLD! 1938 Hispano-Olivetti Studio 46 Typewriter


    The Hispano-Olivetti Studio 46 is one of the great typewriters of the late-30s and  1940s. This particular one was manufactured in Barcelona in the very interesting period between the end of the Spanish Civil War and the beginnings of World War II. The Studio 46 is very well respected by collectors and users. It has iconic styling and it has a wonderful feel while typing.

    Like all of our typewriters this is a fully-working typewriter. It comes with the "Acme" lead certification seal attached to the typewriter which permanently identifies it as a genuine Acme-restored typewriter and provides for a one year warranty. We guarantee safe delivery and provide careful and attentive after-purchase advice and assistance from the date of purchase to the end of eternity to ensure your full satisfaction. In terms of an investment, the Acme Seal proves that this machine was restored by the Acme Type Machine Company. This can add value in the event that you wish to sell this typewriter in the future. 

    This Hispano-Olivetti is in excellent, original condition. It is in excellent working condition and has been serviced, adjusted and appropriately cleaned and lubricated. The cosmetic condition is outstanding. It comes with the original User Manual and original brushes and erasing guide.

    The mechanical condition is excellent, too. It works as originally, typing well, all levers and keys work in their original manner. The platen roller is in very fine condition, clean and smooth, and with a wonderful softness reading of ~91 (Shore A scale--Ideal = 85-95). The Paper Feeder Rollers are in fine condition as are the rubber feet on the bottom assuring good grip on the desktop. 

    The keyboard is original QWERTY and the typeface is Pica (10 cpi) You can see from the photos the crisp, dark and clear impression of the characters on the paper. This typewriter has been outfitted with a new BACO ribbon (the choice of discerning collectors), on two original metal ribbon spools. The keyboard is QWERTY with accents for European languages, including Spanish.

    This fine example of an inter-war Studio 46 will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty. It will be fully insured for shipment. We have a lot of experience in shipping typewriters and have an excellent track record for proper packing and safe delivery.

    Please read the Introduction on the opening page of our Etsy shop for helpful details about our shop, warranty, policies, etc.

    Check out our reviews--or talk to a collector who has an Acme typewriter--and you will have peace of mind in your purchase.

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