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We search the marketplaces of Europe for the finest examples of European typewriters from the 1940s to the 1960s (sometimes earlier or later for special machines). Typewriters are sourced from markets, individuals and other collectors throughout the Netherlands, in France, in Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and elsewhere. European typewriter manufacturing during this period was marked by a combination of excellent engineering and beautiful aesthetic considerations.


We find that European industrial designers, during the period just before, and following, the Second World War were expressing a nearly perfect blend of functionality and beauty. The most popular European brands: Hermes, Olympia, Triumph, Olivetti, Erika, Voss, Alpina, Rheinmetall and others, are rightly honoured by typewriter collectors and users as some of the finest machines ever made. They are not cheap now, and were quite expensive to buy when new. Buying a high-quality typewriter now is a sound investment; the best brands in the best condition (which is what we strive to offer) will retain their value over time to other collectors and users.

After acquisition, the typewriters are thoroughly tested, cleaned and restored. Every effort is made to service them in the manner which they would have been serviced during by typewriter mechanics of their time. Then they are photographed and posted for sale. Every effort is made to ensure that the photographs are true to the colour of the typewriter and that they show any cosmetic or other defects.
We are careful to include, in the description, note of any defects to the condition or mechanical aspects of the typewriters.
After the sale, and prior to packing and shipping, all typewriters go through a final testing and inspection.

So when you buy from us, you can be assured that what you are receiving is what you expected.

We have a growing list of satisfied customers and are proud of the reputation that we have gained for quality European typewriters.

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