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SORRY, SOLD! 1959 Torpedo Model 18 Typewriter
  • SORRY, SOLD! 1959 Torpedo Model 18 Typewriter


    Yes, we can offer now another exceptionally fine 1959 Torpedo, "Blue Bird" Model 18A typewriter. It is in, essentially, perfect condition and is working like new. The cosmetic condition is as you see in the photos. Gorgeous!  No paint loss, no paint wear, no discolouration, no visible scratches. The chrome is in perfect condition.
    The platen has been replaced with new rubber and the feeder rollers are correctly soft and grip the paper well. The feet are original but somehow have the same softness as when they were new. They are strong and grip the desk well.
    The typeface is Pica (10 characters to the inch) and correctly aligned (see typing sample). The keyboard is QWERTY and has keys for European languages.
    It comes with the original case (with original key) which, unbelievably, is in like-new condition with no staining on the insides (as is common) and only the tiniest nicks and bumps on the exterior. The chrome on the handles is shiny and bright. The case comes with the original key.
    This typewriter comes with its Torpedo-branded dust cover, in new-like condition. No tears or wear at all. Also, it has the original User Manual (in French, for some reason), a Torpedo-branded erasing guide in clear plastic, and the original brush.

    This is a particularly fine example of this famous typewriter. There are reasons why the "Blue Bird" Model 18 is one of the most coveted of typewriters. It is marvelous looking on your desk and a dream to type on. This machine is a solid work-horse and the typing action is wonderfully fast and solid. Collectors and users alike sing the praises of the Model 18 typewriter. The Model 18 proved to be such a popular model typewriter, in so many ways, that it was produced under various brands, including Torpedo and Remington, and sold throughout the world. 

    About Acme:
    Acme typewriters have been the choice of discerning collectors and writers more than 1,000 times since we began selling internationally in 2016. We safely ship your typewriter from our gallery in the Netherlands and delivery time to the US averages only 3 days.
    With an ACME Typewriter, you know you are getting a fully-working--as original--typewriter. The only thing that you have to do is sit down, put paper on the roller and start typing. Your typewriter comes with the "Acme" lead certification seal which permanently identifies it as a genuine Acme-restored typewriter and provides for a one-year warranty at no charge.


    For some interesting perspectives on the Model 18 typewriter, please see:

    This typewriter has been fully restored: cleaned, adjusted, lubricated and aligned. It comes with a full mechanical guarantee.

    This fine example of a Model 18 typewriter will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty. We have a lot of experience in shipping typewriters and have an excellent track record for proper packing and safe delivery.

    See my buyer reviews on Etsy and you will have confidence in your purchase. And don't hesitate to ask for more photos or message me with any questions.

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