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All of our typewriters have gone through the following inspections (as applicable to the model) among others, and adjustments have been

made as required:

1. Carriage movement
2. Platen condition
3. testing of platen locks, free head and

paper release
4. Condition and pressure of front and rear

feed rollers
5. Line space mechanism
6. Position and action of paper shield and

paper bail functions
7. Testing of paper guides
8. Placement and clearance of line gauge
9. Proper functioning of carriage release

10. Movement and play of shift mechanism
11. Correct action of shift keys
12. Testing of cylinder and anvil positions
13. Spring drum tension
14. Ribbon feed and reverse, and ribbon

15. Typebar and type guide position and

16. Margin release, line lock and bell

17. Space bar trip, key lever spring tensions, level of keyboard
18. Key card correspondence with characters

19. Character alignment

20. Ribbon cover fitting and tension

21. Tabulator system check and adjustment

22. Keylever tension

23. Backspace mechanism check

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