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SORRY, SOLD! 1960 two-tone Torpedo Model 18B
  • SORRY, SOLD! 1960 two-tone Torpedo Model 18B


    Imagine this typewriter under the tree, on Christmas morning, wrapped around with a big red bow!

    This is a superb example of a mid-century Torpedo, Model 18B, typewriter in absolutely original condition. This typewriter has not been repainted. It is an absolutely extraordinary example of a two-tone typewriter from the middle of the last century. It is in perfect condition cosmetically and in excellent working condition mechanically. This typewriter is a stunning example of industrial design from the middle of the last century and is ready for another 60 years of service. 

    It comes with the original soft-cover case, original User Manual (in German), original branded Torpedo polishing cloth and original metal ribbon spool.

    This fine and uncommon Model 18B comes with a 6-month mechanical guarantee and will be shipped, including full insurance, at no additional cost.

    This Torpedo typewriter comes out of the (now -closed) atelier of a noted Dutch interior designer active in the Amsterdam area from the 1950s through the 1970s. From all appearances it was only used for a few short letters to the Royal Family or for thank you notes to a very few unusually wealthy clients.

    The body finish of this distinctive typewriter is in, literally, flawless condition.(Any light smudges or discolourations are only due to my ink-stained fingers.) Despite the appearance of perfection, there are two tiny imperfections: on the carriage return lever, there are two tiny spots of chrome loss directly over the platen knob; and, for reasons that are inexplicable to me, the "A" key shows some fingernail scratching. The chrome bands around the ribbon cover and the base of the body, unlike on many examples of the Model 18B, is in perfect condition. The levers and other chrome pieces are perfect.

    The gloss, painted finish is absolutely original to the manufacture of the machine with no retouching anywhere, no scratches and no discolouration anywhere. 

    Mechanically this typewriter is in perfect working condition. All systems have been checked and adjusted or aligned as necessary. It has been thoroughly cleaned and properly lubricated for years of service.

    This is a Model 18 "B" and therefore has the tabulator system. The Model 18B proved to be such a popular model typewriter, in so many ways, that it was produced under various brands (incl. Blue Bird and Remington) and sold throughout the world. The typing action is wonderfully fast and solid. 

    Regarding the rubber: Platen Roller is smooth, clean and relatively soft (92-93 durometer reading, 85-95 being accepted as ideal). The Paper Feeder Rollers are new-like and soft. The original rubber feet were somewhat harder than ideal, so I have covered them with new rubber pads in order to grip the desktop well. Note: It is possible for us to install a new platen at the request of the buyer at a cost of 95$.
    Regarding the chrome: Perfect, except as noted above.
    Regarding the Body and finish condition: Perfect
    Regarding the typing keys: uniform colour with no fingernail scratches or other blemishes, except on that darn "A" key.

    Based on the serial number (1216241) this machine is from 1960. 

    The typeface is a beautiful and crisp Elite (11.5 cpi). The keyboard is QWERTY with the all-important "@" sign. You can see in the photos an example of the crisp, clear and dark letters that this machine produces. 

    Comes with the original soft case in excellent condition, in a lovely blue-gray colour. The case has no significant signs of exterior wear but the zipper is not operable having lost some teeth. I have chosen not to replace this, however if the buyer wishes for it to be replaced, that is certainly possible. The case close well and hold the typewriter in place using the flap and hasp combination. So portability is not a problem. The interior of the case is in wonderful condition including the clear plastic pocket.

    This typewriter has been conserved to our highest standards. It has been fully serviced, adjusted and aligned, cleaned inside and out, and is ready for some serious typing.

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