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Sorry, Sold! 1965 Swissa Junior Typewriter
  • Sorry, Sold! 1965 Swissa Junior Typewriter


    This is a very fine example of the Swissa Junior typewriter from 1965. It has the beautiful and sought-after Techno typeface. These are quite difficult to come by but are a beautiful, very portable typewriter that types like a bigger model. This typewriter is in wonderful condition and works perfectly! This typewriter has been fully serviced, adjusted and cleaned and is ready for action. These are wonderful typewriters and are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.

    Swissa typewiters are not at all common but they are a highly prized typewriter. They are small and portable but they have the feel of a bigger typewriter--very solid and steady.  The typing feel is tight and incredibly smooth thanks to the high-quality Swiss materials and manufacture. Made only from the mid 1950s to the mid 1960s, there were relatively few manufactured. The records of the company (Birchmeier's Soehne, Murgental, Aargau, Switzerland) were lost when the company finally ceased all production around 1980, so definitive information about production of the "Junior" model is not easy to come by. The company also produced the excellent portable, the Swissa Piccola.

    Like all of our typewriters this is a fully-working typewriter. It comes with the "Acme" lead certification seal attached to the typewriter which permanently identifies it as a genuine Acme-restored typewriter and provides for a one year warranty. We guarantee safe delivery and provide careful and attentive after-purchase advice and assistance from the date of purchase to the end of eternity to ensure your full satisfaction. In terms of an investment, the Acme Seal proves that this machine was restored by the Acme Type Machine Company. This can add value in the event that you wish to sell this typewriter in the future. 

    For some interesting perspectives on Swissa typewriters, please see:

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    The unusual button on the upper right side of the keyboard is a "disentangler". You press this down in case that you are typing quickly and two keybars get stuck. It is a very handy-dandy little mechanism for those of us whose fingers sometimes get ahead of us.

    This typewriter is in excellent cosmetic condition and working perfectly. The finish is in almost perfect condition except for a few tiny signs of use and age. The colour of the finish is all original; this typewriter has not been repainted. 

    The platen roller is smooth, clean and still soft. The hardness measures around 92, so it is on the high side of ideal (generally 85-95) and, as you can see, the imprint is wonderful. The paper feeder rollers and the rubber feet are in top condition. 

    As mentioned, the mechanics have been thoroughly cleaned, adjusted, aligned and lubricated. See below for a list of the tests that this typewriter has undergone. It types as well as it did originally.

    The typeface is Techno Elite (12 cpi). The keyboard is International QWERTY with accents for foreign languages. This typewriter comes with a new two-colour ribbon so that you can start typing immediately and with pleasure.

    This Swissa Junior comes with its original hard case which is in great condition. The interior shows some signs of age but is in fine condition.

    For peace of mind with your purchase, please see our many 5-star buyer reviews on Etsy.

    This wonderful example of an Swissa junior will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty. We have a lot of experience in shipping typewriters and have an excellent track record for proper packing and safe delivery. We have shipped safely to the outback of Australia, the Sultanate of Brunei, Japan, China, Dayton Ohio, the Isle of Wight, Ecuador and hundreds of places in between. It will be fully insured for shipment.

    If you have any questions or wish to see more photos, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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