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SORRY, SOLD! Rare HALBERG Typewriter
  • SORRY, SOLD! Rare HALBERG Typewriter


    Here we have an exceptionally rare HALBERG portable typewriter in very nice condition. This typewriter is considered by some to be the rarest of the post-war typewriters produced in Europe. Please note that this typewriter has been fully restored, cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. It is ready to use.

    This particular Halberg may be the earliest one yet found. The serial number is 01278, dating the year of manufacture to early 1952. This typewriter was originally in the hands of a Halberg Machinefabriek employee. It was given over to us after a protracted negotiation and we take pride in having restored it.

    The Halberg typewriter was only produced between 1952 and 1954. They were manufactured by the Halberg Machinefabriek in the Netherlands. Early in 1955 the factory was taken over by the Royal Typewriter Company, who formed a subsidiary known as Royal Typewriters Holland NV. Royal then redesigned the machine, renamed it as the Royalite and ceased production of the original Halberg. The Halberg has some design elements in common with the Hermes Baby and was almost certainly intended to compete directly with that model typewriter.

    The Halberg typewriter was marketed under the names "Halberg", "Halberg Traveller" and "Halberg Junior". Various forms of the logo were used--and sometimes no logo at all--always on the ribbon cover, at various times. This may have to do with the availability of materials and of manufacturing capability in post-war Holland. These were all the same machines and only were marketed under the different names in different countries. The majority of Halbergs were marked on the rear panel: "Halberg Machinefabriek N.V. Made in Holland". The "Made in Holland" part was adapted to the language of the country wherein it would be sold. It was designed in the early 1950s as the commercial interest in super-portable typewriters was becoming strong.

    This particular Halberg is in very nice cosmetic condition although there are some signs of wear and use. We have purposely not "over-restored" it, opting instead to retain a sense of historical presence while at the same time assuring, through our full mechanical restoration, that it will type well and properly if you chose to use it in that way.

    Mechanically this typewriter is in fine working condition. The chrome is unblemished and uncorroded. The keytops are in excellent condition without fingernail scratches or other blemish. The platen is clean and smooth. All the other rubber parts (paper feeder rollers, case handle, feet and internal bumpers) are in excellent condition and still soft. Everything works as it should and as originally designed. It has been serviced, adjusted and fully cleaned inside and out, and has a new BACO ribbon (the choice of many collectors and typewriting enthusiasts) so you can start typing immediately.

    The case cover is in very good, original condition. The closure works perfectly and the rubber handle is solid and strong with a clear Halberg logo. The interior is overall in very good condition although with some signs of wear and use.

    The typeface is Pica (10 cpi). You can see from the typing sample that, unlike some Halbergs for sale, the characters are all clear, precise and have been carefully adjusted and aligned. Note that the alignment of uppercase and lowercase letters and small letters is true as is the general character alignment. The keyboard is QWERTY, common to English language writers, but it also has accent keys for other European languages.

    For some discussion of the Halberg typewriter, please see:


      There is no additional cost for shipping, including insurance to the full value of the typewriter. It will be sent by DHL, carefully packed and protected. A tracking code will be sent to you upon shipment.

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