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SORRY, SOLD! 1946 Smith Corona "Clipper" Typewriter
  • SORRY, SOLD! 1946 Smith Corona "Clipper" Typewriter


    What an extraordinarily beautiful and evocative typewriter! And lovely to type with!

    This beautiful Smith Corona CLIPPER typewriter dates from 1946 and is in unusually fine condition. This typewriter was included in the "Bureaucratic Forms" exhibition for the opening of Acme Studios. The "Clipper" logo is one of the most iconic among typewriter symbols and powerfully evokes the feel of the era in which this typewriter was manufactured. The airplane in the logo is the Boeing 314 "Clipper" flying boat, manufactured between 1938 and 1941, that quickly became a powerful symbol for luxurious, international travel.

    The joy of typing on this elegant machine is hard to describe in words. The keys just caress your fingertips and encourage the typing of the next word. The carriage movement feels like it is driven by the fine-tuned workings of a Swiss watch. The "Floating Shift" mechanism is a basket-shift and is light as a feather. The levers on the carriage are ergonomically fit to the hand and aesthetically beautiful. The platen roller knobs are large and fit the hand like a lover's touch.

    About Acme (more about the typewriter below):
    Acme typewriters have been the choice of discerning collectors and writers more than 1,000 times since we began selling internationally in 2016. We safely ship your typewriter from our gallery in the Netherlands and delivery time to the US averages only 3 days—this is a quicker delivery time even than most domestic shipments within the US!  Acme typewriters are guaranteed to arrive safely at your door, are covered by a 1-year warranty, and come with lifetime customer-care. 

    With an ACME Typewriter, you know you are getting a fully-working--as original--typewriter. The only thing that you have to do is sit down, put paper on the roller and start typing. Your typewriter comes with the "Acme" lead certification seal which permanently identifies it as a genuine Acme-restored typewriter and provides for a one-year warranty at no charge. In terms of an investment, the Acme Seal proves that this machine was restored in 2023 by the Acme Type Machine Company. This can add value in the event that you wish to sell this typewriter in the future.

    This 1946 Clipper has been fully restored: cleaned, adjusted, lubricated and aligned. It will be shipped to the buyer without extra charge and fully insured. It comes with a full mechanical guarantee to ensure that you can use it without any problems. It comes with the original User Manual in the original envelope.

    Look closely at the photos and you will see the absolutely marvelous condition of this exceptional machine. The paint--including the perfectly preserved "Clipper" airplane logo--is all original and nearly perfect (the ribbon cover has a couple of very tiny points of wear on the back (unseen) of the cover). The platen is in excellent, soft condition with a durometer reading of ~93. The chrome pieces are shiny and fresh-looking. The keys are in good condition (except for slight discolouration on two of them) and the rubber feet are in fine, new-like condition The paper feed rollers are soft and grip the paper well.

    The keyboard is QWERTY and the typeface is a fine Pica (10 cpi). See photos for an example of this. 

    We have outfitted this 1946 Clipper with a new bi-colour typewriter ribbon on two vintage metal ribbon spools. 

    The case is in very nice condition inside and out. A couple of the exterior corners have some minor wear, but overall the case is solid, and clean. The handle is intact and strong and the hasp works perfectly.

    This extraordinary example of a 1946 Smith Corona CLIPPER will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty. All our shipments are FULLY INSURED to the value of the typewriter.

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