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SORRY, ALREADY RESERVED! "Hummingbird" Typewriter: 1962 Groma Kolibri
  • SORRY, ALREADY RESERVED! "Hummingbird" Typewriter: 1962 Groma Kolibri


    So much has been said and written about the Kolibri typewriter, one of the thinnest ever designed, and simply a brilliant work of mechanical design.

    This Kolibri was purchased new by an East German family, was rarely used, and was kept in nearly pristine condition for decades until they decided to sell it recently. It comes with its original case, User Manual, Typing test and brush. The new ribbon is mounted on its two original metal ribbon spools.

    The Kolibri typewriter featured prominently in the Academy Award winning film "The Lives of Others", about life in East Germany after the Second World War, and is justly sought-after by typewriter enthusiasts around the world. This example, from 1962, is a wonderful example of this amazing typewriter. It has a QWERTY keyboard and comes with a travel case in nearly perfect condition. Amazingly, this Kolibri has no "chipping" of the paint on the ribbon cover under the return lever as almost every other Kolibri has. The finish on this typewriter is all ORIGINAL to its manufacture. The keys are a rich, forest-green colour which is uncommon on this model; most have black keys.

    The renowned Richard Polt, author of "The Typewriter Revolution" wrote: "The Olympia Sf and the Groma Kolibri are my favorite 'laptops' " (04 Sept 2010).
    Daniel Marleau, of the respected Typewriter Review blog, has written: "If Apple made a typewriter, it would be a Kolibri." and, "It infiltrated the West in the attache cases of every foreign embassy attache."
    And the great Robert Messenger has written "...what a lovely typewriter, the height of a box of matches or a business card." (20 Dec 2011)


    This extraordinary Groma Kolibri is in excellent condition and the colour, as well as the mechanical components are all original to its manufacture. It has, of course, been completely cleaned, aligned, adjusted and lubricated for decades of typing pleasure to come.

    Like all of our typewriters this is a fully-working typing machine. It comes with the "Acme" lead certification seal attached to the typewriter which permanently identifies it as a genuine Acme-restored typewriter and provides for a one year warranty. We provide careful and attentive after-purchase advice and assistance from the date of purchase to the end of eternity to ensure your full satisfaction. In terms of an investment, the Acme Seal proves that this machine was restored by the Acme Type Machine Company. This can add value in the event that you wish to sell this typewriter in the future. 

    As far as mechanical details, this typewriter is fully working in all details. The rubber on the platen is in very fine condition with a hardness rating of ~92 (with ideal hardness being between 85 and 95). The rubber on the feet is soft and strong and holds well on the desktop.

    The case is in superb overall condition. The hasp and handle are strong and solid.  The interior is in excellent condition with minimal wear marks. The exterior of this lovely faux calf-leather case is in exceptional condition with only the slightest signs of wear and use. 

    The typeface is a handsome Pica. The keyboard layout is QWERTY, common to English language writers, and it has characters and accent marks for writing in German, Dutch and other European languages.  

    For some discussion of this fascinating model of typewriter, please see:

    [Note: For Interior Designers, film set designers and others where colour tone and hue are critical, please contact me for further photos and discussion.]


    Don't hesitate to contact me for more photos or any other explanation of anything.

    This fine example of a Groma Kolibri will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty. We have a lot of experience in shipping typewriters and have an excellent track record for proper packing and safe delivery. It will be fully insured during shipment.

    See my buyer reviews and you will have confidence in your purchase!

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