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Like the green of a Summer Garden! 1957 QWERTY keyboard Rheinmetall
  • Like the green of a Summer Garden! 1957 QWERTY keyboard Rheinmetall


    Sometimes words elude me... And on this typewriter, I think that the photos will suffice very well.

    However, it is worth also noting that the original owner typed on the back of the original Typing Test sheet: "I bought this machine on August 2nd, 1958 in a shop in Zwickau. After 10 years I can say that the machine served me well and it was not susceptible to repairs.

    Originally purchased in Zwickau, Germany in 1958, this Rheinmetall KsT typewriter comes with its original matching-colour hard case all its original documentation (Manual, guarantee card, typing test) and original equipment (cleaning brushes, polishing cloth, erasing template, metal ribbon spools). Fabulous!


    Rheinmetall is known by typewriter enthusiasts to be a very high-quality typing machine. The body colour finish is completely original and is unblemished by sun or any other factors. This typewriter has been well-protected and very well cared-for during its lifetime. 

    It is in exceptional condition in every way, it is fully working and has been fully serviced, aligned and adjusted. We have outfitted this KsT with a new ribbon so you can start typing immediately. It comes with a lovely, hard case in excellent condition.


    Acme typewriters has long been the choice of discerning collectors and writers. Acme typewriters are carefully selected, beautifully restored and come with a one-year mechanical warranty and lifetime customer-service. Each comes with a lead seal, attached to the body, identifying it as a fully-restored Acme typewriter. Most shipments to the US arrive in 3 days--often much faster than most domestic shipments within the US. Many new dealers strive to imitate us--none succeed. 


    The keyboard is QWERTY and has additional keys for European languages. The typeface is Pica with 10 characters per inch.

    The original case which is in excellent condition inside and outside. There are a couple of minor areas of light wear on the outside of the case.

    For a discussion of Rheinmetall/Supermetall typewriters visit:

    This extraordinary example of a Rheinmetall KsT will be packed and shipped with the greatest care to preserve its condition and beauty. We have a lot of experience in shipping typewriters and have an excellent track record for safe delivery.

    See my buyer reviews on Etsy and you will have confidence in your purchase.

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